Holy water from my own veins, come and save me where I lay. All this longing for beauty unnamed. It has broken me open to welcome the hope that you bring.

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Yesterday was amazing. I honestly never understood love until I met you and you are the most amazing thing that I could never have imagined. 


Broadway Giveaway!

Since I feel really lucky to have lots of Broadway Memorabilia and some others aren’t as fortunate as I am since they haven’t been able to got to NYC or don’t have money to spend on Broadway items, I thought it’d be nice to do a giveaway!


1. No giveaway blogs

2. Must be following me (I’ll check)

3. Reblogs count, likes don’t

4. Can reblog more than once, but please don’t spam your followers

5. Will ship internationally


1. Wicked OBC playbill

2. Catch Me If You Can OBC playbill

3. If/Then, The Bridges of Madison County, and Les Mis playbills

4. 7 flyers

Giveaway ends 9-25-14

Good luck!

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trying to run away from my problems like


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